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They say that journey towards your goals begins the day you start identifying your weaknesses, strengths, gaps, and opportunities and Jennen Morris exemplifies it. She believes that if you are strong-willed, then nothing can stop you from making headway towards success. Born in Gainesville, Florida, Jeneen has managed to work hard to step up her game and make a name for herself. Her educational degrees include a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and a Masters of Business Administration. Having a background in marketing, business management, brand development, and strategic marketing allowed Jeneen Morris to boost her career.

Jeneen Morris firmly believes that one cannot ensure success without working hard. Her personal experience of building her business from scratch has allowed her to gain wisdom. It can get challenging to build a successful business and save a failing business. Being resilient is the only way to save your failing business and Jeneen Morris knows this better than anyone else. When Jeneen Morris was asked about her experience in business, she says, “ It takes an innovative mind to build a business and take it to new heights. Lack of leadership and slow innovation might destroy your business, hence you have to keep coming up with new ideas.”

In today’s world, looking for a jewelry shop that offers unique pieces at the best price is no less than a challenge. To eradicate this problem, Jeneen Morris has come up with Boujee Collection. Founded in the year 2014, the Boujee Collection by Jeneen Morris LLC, offers the best product making it your number one source when it comes to jewelry. Jeneen and her team are dedicated to satisfying every customer’s requirement. To keep a place for newer ideas and improvements, Jeneen Morris always emphasizes her customer’s satisfaction and constructive criticism. Meeting the customer’s need is the goal and she strives hard to achieve it.

Jeneen Morris always had an eye on fashion and accessories and that shows in her work. During her college years, she realized her passion for fashion and jewelry. Her family has always been her biggest motivation and that helped her to climb the ladder of success. Other than fashion and jewelry, Jeneen Morris also loves Gaming and Web Building. Today, Jeneen runs a successful E-commerce business and is a great consultant. Her collection offers a unique line of trendy jewelry, making it one of the best sources of jewelry. Jeneen Morris dreams to build a multi-million dollar business and we are sure that nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams.

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