February is Black History Month- Here is A List of my Favorite Small Businessess-Boujee Collection By Jeneen

February is Black History Month. To show my support for local initiatives, here is a list of my Favorite Black Owned Businesses. 

1. J'Amour Cakes- Owned by Leondrae & Maya James. Leondrare is a Native of Williston, Fl. Where he gets his roots of Down Home Southern Baking. Maya is a Native of Louisiana. And this Soror adds a Sassy Flare as the Mardi Gras Queen. This Educated Duo puts their heart and and soul into baking some of the most tasty, savored delights.  J' Amour-Bringing you cupcakes and cakes that taste like your grandmother baked!!!  https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/jamourcakes1 jamourcakes1@gmail.com

2. L & W Creations- Owned by Linda & Willie Hopkins. They are living out their passion through crafting, Custom T-Shirt Designs and inspiring their children to do the same.  https://lnwcreations.com/  lnwcreations21@gmail.com


 3.Keemy's Gifted Services & more- is owned by Shakeem Johnson. Shakeem is a mother of 4 beautiful children who inspire her to live out her  dreams of being a business owner which she instills in her children. Shakeem was recently engaged to Stephen Pollard together they own Popping Customs. This King and Queen Cleaning Duo is every customers wildest dream! Keemy's services include commercial & residential cleaning, Homemaker and companion services. Keemy's Gifted is licensed and insured. Shakeem lives by her motto: Name something that’s more rewarding then coming home to a clean home. 

https://keemysgifted.bigcartel.com/  keemysgifted@gmail.com


4. Lux Concepts, LLC - is owned by Rakeesha Duncan. Lux is a Trendy Plus Size Clothing and Accessories boutique.  Every outfit worn by a Lux Doll  Never Disappoints!! Lux Dolls effortlessly slay the run way! 

lux-concepts-llc.myshopify.com   luxconcepts19@gmail.com

 5. 1st Priority Salon & Spa- is owned by Shamira Scott.

The salon Specializes in Natural Hair, Locs, Braids, Waxing, and other Skin Care Services. Their mission is to keep skin and hair healthy, vibrant, and thriving while delivering exceptional customer service for a quality experience. 





Stop by and show your support for these small businesses. If you see them out in the community be sure to tell them how wonderful they are! 

 “These Businesses are a Representation of  Family, Community, Faith, Love and Hope"

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