5 Pieces of Jewelry to Accentuate the Little Black Dress-Boujee Collection By Jeneen


Our Guide To The Little Black Dress

by Boujee Collection by Jeneen Morris

What Is A Little Black Dress?

A little black dress is the term used to describe a classic black dress that’s perfect to wear on any occasion The Little Black Dress is usually the go-to style.

My favorite styles are the Bodycon and Skater Dress

1. The Bodycon- The bodycon is sexy and perfect for date night, party time. It can be worn with a jacket to dress up or down. The bodycon shows the curves! 😍

2. Skater dress -The skater is playful and fun. It can be sassy, or classy! Just add your favorite jewels and pumps to slay the run way!

In the Picture above is me rocking my black shimmer skater dress. I selected some of my favorite jewelry pieces to accentuate my look! You can mix or match any of our pieces for a classy look too!

Accentuate with jewelryThe little black dress

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