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Yes...I'm here for it!

My neck is not big!!!

I was on Instagram and I happened upon this store. I loved everything in store and decided to place an order. I placed an order for 3 sets totaling $150.00.

I couldn't wait for them to arrive. They arrived in 3 days. I rushed home to get my package, rushed inside to open. I pulled one set from the packaging it was just as pictured on the website. Instantly my face beamed with excitement.

Oh Yeah, I found a new spot.This stores getting all  my coins.

I unfastened the necklace and placed it around my neck.

Shit; I couldn't fasten the clasp!

I thought; something must be hung up.

I stood in the mirror and there it was.

It didn't FIT!

I thought it's an easy fix.  I messaged the shop owner to place an order for extenders, she stated the sets come in the standard 18 inch we don't offer pieces that fit big girls. We don't sell extensions. 

Did she just call me BIG?

How could she?

The disappontment set in.

Tears filled my eyes. 

In that moment I was filled with  insecurities and shame.

In the back of my mind I thouht; If I wasn't fat. It would fit.

As women we've all faced self-shame, or doubt.

We've all had attacks of our self-esteem. 

But how could I let something so small bring me to tears? 

I lay in bed and began to search Amazon for necklace extenders. 

I felt sad, alone and defeated; I couldn't find anything.

My inner Shero kicked in; girl dry your tears. Make your own extenders and create your own jewelry collection where women like you can wear trendy jewels with confidence.

My fat neck isn't the problem; society is. 

I needed to be the person to set a new standard and trend for the plus size woman. And that is how Boujee Collection by Jeneen was born. I wanted to create an environmet where plus size women could feel confident wearing our line. I wanted an environment where women could choose to extend or not to extend. 

At the Boujee Collection by Jeneen women of all sizes;are loved!!

You are not what society thinks of you. You are wonderfully made. You are exceptional. You are beautiful just the way you are. 

We all know that a healthy lifestyle leads to a life of longevity, but so does positive body influence, affirmations, and  being happy with who you are in that moment. 





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Renee Grant

Renee Grant

Yes I bought 3 sets and got 1 set free over Christmas they fit perfectly I will always shop and support boujee

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